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We’re changing the way the world works, giving you the power to rate your government.

The truth is that we don't have a voice. The only opportunity we have to make an impact is during elections, but the chance that our votes count is small. Very small. The potential difference that we stand to make is insignificant.


Freemocracy gives everyone the power to rate their government and express their opinion on fact checked news.

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We are a Non Profit DAO

We advocate against disenfranchisement, voter suppression, lobbying and corruption. 


We empower communities by providing mechanisms for free, fair and transparent voting supported by blockchain technology and NFTs.


NFT Drop with Ape Retirement Club 


1st Freemocracy Conference in Tanzania.


- Freemocracy NFT Drop
- Web3 Platform to stake the NFT and use the mobile app to rate their governments.


Mint will start at 0.2Eth + Gas Fees on Ape Retirement Club.


Every NFT holder will have access to our platform where they will be able to rate their government based on news published by fact-checked sources. Our insights will be shared with the press and media to provide people with transparency and a voice on public affairs.

Every NFT holder will have access to our platform where they will be able to rate their governments based on the news published by fact-checked newspapers. Our daily results will be shared with press and media to provide everyone with a clear and transparent view on public opinion in regards to public issues

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Web3 Platform

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Staking your NFT will grant you access to our mobile app where you’ll join the Freemocracy community and the blockchain based voting system.


In order to join the platform, each member will be required to verify their identity. We will never sell or share your personal information. 


Your staked NFT will generate our native token $ARC that can be used to express your opinion on important matters.

1 token, 1 vote.


Join and get access to an exclusive community of leaders, activists and advocates working together to build a better future for everyone. 


The way governments and large organization must be evaluated with transparency and accountability.


Freemocracy gives people a platform to be heard on issues that matter most. Our collective efforts will promote social, political, economic and environmental reform, making changes in society for the greater good.

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We leverage Machine Learning to select fact checked news.

"Fact-checking is not scalable and leaving It to AI alone will never be reliable enough without human contribution"

For this reason we developed a platform that combines AI & ML with the "Wisdom of the Crowds" theory:

"Aggregation of information in groups, resulting in decisions

that are often better than could have been made by any

single member of the group"


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Who we are

Our ecosystem

Freemocracy is a Non Profit organisation within the ShapeX's Decentralised Autonomous Economy.

ShapeX's goal is to decentralise power and redistribute wealth by leveraging blockchain technology and NFTs.